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Rory’s stories tag

Heyooooo so last weird wednesday I did a post called Rory’s stories and decided to make it into a tag (please bare with me tis my first time creating a tag)


  1. Mention the original creator of the tag ie Far from perfect and leave a link to the original post
  2. Use the tag – Rory’s stories tag
  3. You must keep all the headings I have used or atleast come up with weird ones of your own cuz the post HAS to be weird
  4. The story HAS to be weird (I am saying this again people spin the most weird stories)
  5. Thank the person who has tagged you and mention them
  6. Make/use a weird featured image
  8. Put all the story combinations in your post and then choose one to make a story on and highlight the words which indicate the image you have used, for eg if the image is alien and you have interpreted it as ET then highlight the word ET
  9. Also put the game rules in your post so everyone understands how to play
  10. Tag people (please don’t forget)

This may bring me fame here are the rules for the game

Begin with ‘Once Upon a Time’ and tell a story that links together all 9 face-up images. Start with the first image to grab your attention. Use three cubes for the beginning, three for the middle, and three for the end of the story. There is one rule: there are no wrong answers.

Stop thinking of captions here are your options

This is cause for jubilation here is my combination

This is my pride and glory let’s begin my story

Ok so I’m using the story I already wrote for weird Wednesday (cuz I AM LAZYYYYYY)

Once upon a time (cuz every good story begins with that) there lived a turtle called Tom. Tom was a one crazy rich turtle because he was a magic turtle. He was a turtle wizard (go along with it guys) who had clients from all over the world and having a global reach definitely brought in a good amout of cash, so much cash that he had a huge ass building as his home (and you would think a turtle would not need an entire building to live but you thought wrong dear readers). Despite the humongous house Tom was a sad little turtle because he, like everyone else had a HUGE insecurity-his feet. Tom was super insecure about his feet (cue *jealousy jealousy*) and he could have used magic to sort out the insecurity he had about his feet (he thought that they were ugly) but for some reason he magic never worked on him. So he searched for a way to stop being insecure about his feet, he searched everywhere from the north to the south from east to west, he even went on a break from work and went to his weekend castle in England but he couldn’t come up with a solution. But then SUDDENLY it hit him like a lightening bolt, he was successful and world renowned, he had worked hard to achieve his success and people would probably not even think of his feet as ugly and that it was he himself who was being held back by his insecurities ,this thought pierced through his heart like an arrow and he realised that to key to being happy was loving yourself unconditionally. The END.

Weird wednesday (rory’s stories)

Did you see my bag? Here are the people that I tag

Ok I tagged a lot of people but I am really excited and I think this could be a lot of fun so please pretty please do this tag
Also I hope you understood how it’s going to work cuz I suck at explaining stuff

Ps we hit a 1000 likes YAYYYYYY (thenkssss youuuuuu)


38 thoughts on “Rory’s stories tag

Add yours

    i have been waiting for this for soo long😂
    thank youuu soo muchhh for tagging mr, Sim!!😭❤❤
    And, well, the rules are definitely weird like you wanted them to be😂😂
    And congratss on 1000 likesssss💃🏻

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I LOVE TOM!!
    “Did you see my bag?”
    It’s hella trophies and it’s hella thick!!
    Okay, so- I’m award free, but I will d e f i n i t e l y be dropping the story here! Kudos to you for creating such a unique award!
    I’ll paste it in the comments in an hour-ish~

    Liked by 2 people

      1. Judy was a LAWYER, but she was burnt out and tired. One day, she found a magic DICE and decided to roll it. The dice told her to become an ARCHER. She was so desperate that she decided to listen to it, despite how illogical and silly it seemed!
        She sold all her assets and purchased a huge TOWER in the middle of an isolated field full of FLOWERS, and then FLEW out of the ultra-metropolitan city she lived in.
        There was an ancient, crumbling BRIDGE located in the field, with a strange drawing of an EYE etched into it. She followed the eye drawing’s line of sight and stumbled upon a set of fresh FOOTPRINTS.
        Judy followed them and encountered the ghost of a woman practicing archery in one of the meadows. Judy befriended the ghost, and they remained close friends as they helped each other heal and be happy! The ghost even taught Judy the nuanced, precise art of archery.
        They lived together in the tower till Judy passed away too, after which they moved on into the afterlife together.
        The End!

        (Is that weird enough? Hehe~)

        Liked by 2 people

    Also all those rhyming titles you made for the topics??? THOSE ARE SO GOOD
    and sorry i commented so late hahah, but THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE TAG!! SO EXCITED TO DO IT!

    Liked by 1 person

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